NL005 – VxLAN Anycast Gateway Terminology

A VXLAN anycast gateway provides redundancy and high availability for VXLAN-based networks. For the VXLAN gateway, it uses anycast IP addressing, so multiple gateways can share the same IP address. If one of the gateways goes down, traffic can still be forwarded because of automatic failover.

In VXLAN anycast gateway, each gateway advertises its own unique MAC address and has the same anycast IP address. By using the routing protocol’s distance metric, a packet sent to an anycast IP address will be received by the nearest gateway.

The VXLAN anycast gateway enables automatic failover without requiring additional protocols like VRRP or HSRP, which reduces complexity and improves network availability. In addition, it ensures that traffic is always forwarded to the nearest gateway, reducing latency and improving performance.

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