NL007 – VxLAN MultiSite Terminology

In VxLAN, the term “Multisite” refers to a deployment scenario in which a single, logical L2 network is extended over a number of physical locations to establish a distributed network. This enables the creation of a single, logical network that spans multiple locations, which allows for a greater degree of flexibility and scalability in the design of a network.

There are a number of situations where a multisite VXLAN deployment can be useful, such as:

  • You can use this approach when you wish to create a single L2 network that spans multiple data centers, allowing greater mobility for workloads as well as disaster recovery capabilities.

  • This can be useful when you need to extend your network across multiple remote sites in order to ensure business continuity.

  • It occurs when a company has multiple physical locations, but the locations are connected by a WAN link and can communicate with each other.

During the deployment of a VXLAN network across multiple sites, VXLAN Tunnel Endpoints (VTEPs) are used in order to establish tunnels between the different sites, allowing the L2 network to be extended across the different sites. 

In order to transport packets across a wide area network (WAN), the VTEPs encapsulate Ethernet frames in VXLAN packets, and the packets can be transported using the Internet Protocol (IP). 

With the use of VTEPs, VXLAN is able to extend L2 networks across multiple sites and create a single, logical L2 network that spans all of the sites by extending the L2 networks across multiple sites.

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